19 October 2005

to the tenant below.

that would be me.

i came home to this letter at my doorstep from my upstairs neighbours, who i now officially love. i will quote some snippits and you, dear reader(s) will love them too.
(you have no choice.)
(i mean, you didn't actually have to read this blog in the first place, anyway. so you might as well enjoy your time while you're here.)

"Dear Maintenance and Tenant Below (that's me),
Thanks for the advice about the shower curtain. I was sorry to hear that it is still raining downstairs....It looks to me like a blind man and a monkey may have renovated the bathroom in the early 1950's; the work that has been done is substandard and shoddy and it smells like a urinal at a highway rest stop. It would not surprise me in the least if the plumbing surrounding the drain or the faucets under the tub is leaking when we use the tub... I'm not sure if it was the monkey or the blind man but someone built a removable enclosure around the tub out of plywood indicating that this may have also been a past issue. I'm really not sure I want to know what is under there, I don't think I can take the stress, but I think it would be really easy for someone to move it to have a look at the pipes and the conditions of the nether region under there. Again I am really sorry that there is leaking but I don't think there is anything we can do up here except buy everyone umbrellas..."

somehow, even if my bathroom ceiling caves in like it did three weeks into my tenancy here, at least i'll be able to sit in the rubble and have a chuckle at the pithy epistolary rejoinders quoted above, and know i owe my suffering not to them, but to the Complete Ineptitudes of Annex Property Management Group.

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