26 October 2005


there were many things that linger in my mind about Goodness, which opened last night at the Tarragon.
but the one i woke up pondering this morning was the concept that perhaps people do evil as a consequence of an excess of Love.
you know, excess of Love of another person (infidelity)
excess of Love of possession (capitalism)
excess of Love of an idea/ideal (fascism/totalitarianism)
excess of Love of any one thing (addiction)
excess of Love of oneself/one's needs. (Inconsiderate/careless behaviour towards others)

and on and on it goes.
ah, ever a dangerous thing, this Love of ours. it makes culpability an ever-present threat.

the book of the play is out as well, and lovely, and printed at Coach House of course.
and i would like to say that though i didn't design it, i did help with the burning of the paper for the cover imagery.
(shrug) let's face it, my life is about small accomplishments and Gleeful pyromania.

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