23 October 2005


well. perhaps for people who don't sneak into anatomy labs this exhibit was Truly astonishing, but quite honestly, i wasn't as super thrilled as i thought i'd be. ok, it was COOL. i mean, flayed humans on ice skates, how can that not be entrancing in some way or another. but the fetuses looked like wax models, and i (as well as my cohorts) couldn't quite get beyond the lingering ego in the room, what with mister Gunther quoting himself on the walls next to Nietzche and Seneca and the Like, and signing his works like he could take credit for the human body itself. i'd post some drawings from the event, but it would cost me an immediate USD$5000, according to the waiver i had to sign. Ha.

supposedly the man never takes his hat off. i bet you his skull is flayed just like his work.

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