16 October 2005

bibliophilic ineptitudes.

it occurs to me this morning that, considering how much i (say i) read, i rarely have much to say about books on this blog of mine. the stuff of books that is.
so i'll take a moment to make a few comments and pilfer a bit of wisdom from my most recent reading material.
last book completed (the other day): Beneath the Wheel Herman Hesse's second novel, about a poor lad who doesn't get on so well in the strict german system of fascist education/religious fervour. It was kind of an edifying read. I can imagine a young Hesse (I don't know how old he was when he wrote this) sitting at his desk fuming over all the rules and regulations and having to go to confession Again and throwing it all into this diatribe of sorts. It's pretty righteous, and a bit egocentric, which of course doesn't change in his later books, except to develop a more tasteful subtlety. Anyhow, I like him, this Hesse fellow, he makes some good points.

now i'm reading Animal Dreams. Barbara Kingsolver. mostly 'coz of the quote posted the other day, which has been haunting me since Shannon shared it with me, must have been over a year or two ago...
Anyhow. I'm not postivie about it yet. It's been a while since I've read such a meandering novel, and my tendency always seems to be "Get to the Point!". Also, the main character, some philosophically ailing twin returning home to small-town Arizona to take care of an ailing father is not exactly fodder for my devoted interest, but she seems to be this writer who will be writing and writing and then suddenly she just puts a gem in there. just suddenly. you're reading and reading and you think "ah, this is a pleasant enough story, it passes the time, something is going on, after all..." and then POW, there's a GEM.

i like that.

In my opinion, mountains don't move. They only look changed when you look down on them from great height.

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