19 October 2005

incomplete senten....

i was speaking with my cohorts today about this new project of mine to attempt to finish sentences, and the strange phenomenon that has made itself apparent, namely, that i frequently stop and return to my unfinished sentence to complete it and then move on, only to realize i didn't in fact have an end to that sentence in mind!

MR suddenly said, "but isn't speaking in incomplete sentences like speaking process? you are trying to figure out what you want to say and you speak your attempts to figure it out as you go..."

ok, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT EXPLANATION for what is, let's face it, otherwise a highly unfortunate trait.

of course i was also feeling particularly, how shall we say, vocal today and deafened one and condemned the other to a visit to the ear doctor tomorrow morning. (sigh) sorry guys. think of it, though, if i was a sheep wrangler this trait of being loud would be very helpful.

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kim said...

It displays that you actually engage in LIVE thinking. Sentences vaporize in Clear places and spaces. Poof.
As an experiment, it is fun to take note of what your Body is up to in those moments of realm- wrangling and let It take over the explanation in a non-linguistic way (ie. weirdo dance moves with sounds) Act it out!!
It is like self-charades, or improv games for One. Others find this form of play congruent with the Loud Function.