01 October 2005

32 years, 1 hour, and 53 minutes old.


we agreed tonight that 80's music was/is/will forever be WICKED 'coz they were just So serious about their cheesiness. there was this whole cheesy passion thing going on in the eighties, but everyone was so Earnest about it. i mean Think about it, Bon Jovi "Shot Through the Heart", John Cusack holding up his ghetto blaster in "Say Anything", Molly Ringwald doing just about whatever she was always doing, "Jesse's Girl", Billy Idol's "White Wedding". they were all so serious and "profound"-esque. SO EXCELLENT. of course, this is all relative to the 90's, which was full of anger and angst and disdain, and the 20's (so to speak) which is so full of just plain depression, the 80's were GREAT.
it's been a good night.

telling Miz Silver Slayter 'bout my latest oddities with my ghost, she's determined that he's obviously a literate old man with allergies, adding Winnie the Pooh to my computer favourites, rustling through my books (the latest noticeable occurence), and blowing his nose)...he's probably a highly appropriate tea companion.

which suits me just fine.

i'm 32. WOW. and i'm Exactly where i'm Supposed to be. WHO KNEW?!?!?

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Rebecca said...

Happy birthday beautiful stefanie! Yay, 32 years of stefanie and counting...........