03 March 2005

six embryonic stages.

as promised from wednesday, "sketches to follow" from one of my pilgrimages to what i affectionately call "the dead peoples' museum".
look at this stuff. this is a HUMAN BEING.
jesus. this is how it Begins. talk about putting your ego in check.


cheeky sod (guess who) said...

funny, I thought it started with a few drinks and a Sisters of Mercy album on in the background.

perhaps that's just me...

(then again, if it were me I guess there wouldn't be any zygote in the mix at all...well, thank heavens for that)

cheeky sod said...

Oh, and I forgot to add, before all the anti-Choice readers leap in and agree with you:

it technically isn't a human being until it can go shopping for shoes.

steflenk said...

heheh. cheeky sod, indeed. you know me, always one step (or 20, at last count) too far.
must have been andrew eldrige that subconsciously prompted my stubborn righteousness.

um...zygote? pray elaborate.

and as for anti-Choice, my gods, it's been so long since i've shopped for shoes myself i guess i technically don't count as human anymore. Hilarious.

steflenk said...

see i know you wouldn't use the handle Cheeky Sod, but how did the real cheeky sod know about the Sisters album? that's what threw me off. (chuckle). Cheeky Sods, both of ya's then. whether ya like it or not! :)
my Compliments to your use of the word zygote, monsieur Cheeky Sod, it's rare these days that someone catches me running to the dictionary.

cheeky sod said...

what kind of cheeky sod would I be if I didn't send my dear Chocky rushing to her Oxford every now and then?

"People with tattoos not in prison are either latent criminals or degenerate aristocrats." - Adolf Loos

steflenk said...

Too True, Sodley, Too True. :)

i vote latent criminal. at least in my court.