22 March 2005

baby making machines.

now THIS, dear reader(s), is what the female human body is all about. if something starts growing in our ovaries, (even if it isn't a child), all our body thinks is "living creature, give it defenses"
this is a drawing of an ovarian cyst.
with teeth and hair.
and they are far more common than anyone would like to think.
these cysts, that is, not drawings of them. :)


ovarian Cyster said...

are you serious, about the teeth and the hair? i am creeped out.

steflenk said...

sorry to creep you out. i (touch wood. a forest's worth) have not had a cyst myself, but many people have, and this teeth/hair phenomenon is not a new one. this was a related artist statement at a show i saw a while ago, by someone who obviously found the subject matter as fascinating as i did:

"A phenomenon occurs whereby, in competition for limited resources, one fetus devours the other in the limited and confined space of the uterus.  It is possible that many singletons, that is people born alone, not as a twin, started life as a twin in fetal development.  Several medical and scientific theories make a case for this possibility by citing the frequent discoveries of cysts in people that contain bits of hair, teeth and spinal tissue.  These are believed to be the signs of the 'vanished twin'."