18 March 2005


i decided the other day that i was going to start keeping a record of time. literally. a list of how long it takes for me to do things.
this could be common practise for the larger part of the civilized world, but alas, not so for me.
i'm such a parsimonious wench when it comes to dealing with money, but not so with time, it seems. It's not a consideration when i'm doing a project i care about. or even ones i don't, sometimes. i start something, and i go go go go go, and it's a bit Nuts, really.
anyhow, rarely can i give myself an accurate sense of just how many hours i wiled away on any one thing, until nights like this, at work After spending nine hours straight on ONE project with nary a cup of tea in the interim.
it can't be healthy. one loses perspective with this way of working.
as with life, now that i think about it.
anyhow, the interesting thing about breaking time down is actually having a numeric value to that ethereal notion that there is always more time, or that there is never enough.
both are true.
to think before one spends it.
time that is.
there's the rub.

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