18 March 2005

love and money (and bartending, i guess)

i'm in a business program. there is no denying that. but what Amazes me is how deprecatory publishing sorts can be about the very creators of material they are seeking to reproduce and disseminate. all year long, little scathing remarks about how self-centred authors are, how Mad. and very few observations about how these traits are quite possibly the very survival mechanisms that actually keep writers going, when business types are so willing to walk if the numbers are wrong.

the statistic is somewhere around 3% of authors that actually make a living at this trade.
there's a number for you.
that's a whole lot of bartenders.
or a Whole lot of people working Really Really hard for the Love of their work.

ah, once again, love or money. is that really the choice?
to make money you make compromises, so too with love. are they really any different?
of Course they are.
a friend pointed out to me a few weeks ago that money and love are not related, and i was pretty horrified to realize i had trouble comprehending the statement. something, probably, to do with how closely money, or lack thereof, was associated with care when i was a kid.
no wonder it's a hard choice to make.
humans are animals above all else. we learn the terms of survival, and that comes first. the Biggest challenge i suppose, is to actually Define survival.

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