22 March 2005

patient and loyal reader(s)!

it's been at least a couple of weeks since i have been able to pay due attention to this beloved blog. gah. another niggling reminder of how much work still remains to properly balance dire and personal ruminative activity with the Unexpected and not Altogether pleasant chaos that sometimes is my Other life. in this instance we are speaking of school, dear reader(s). school. which i am Actually Done with as of next tuesday, but really, as of thursday the heat will be off. glory glory be.

in the midst of my pile of school projects, which i unfortunately take as seriously as environmentalism, brushing thrice daily and the atom bomb, i suddenly realized i was growing hesitant to blog, thinking how futile and useless posting incomplete thoughts and vague ideas is.
'til yesterday, somewhere in hour 17 of my 22 hour day, when i realized that i had just inadvertently applied to this little addiction the same damaging expectations i have been guilty of imposing on writing, relationships, and all other manner of sacred activity in the past.
which is, in short, Rubbish.
tonight's meanderings are for those of you tenacious creatures still reading; friends, compadres, near strangers, and the occasional pervert. the management thanks you for your forbearance, and we now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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