07 July 2005

was it tron?

where the guy somehow finds himself trapped inside his computer?
is this my retribution for being so bloggey?
4.5 hours late and a 40 minute wait on a pay phone before i get a human being in internet hookup-ville.
who thanked me for not yelling at him after i told him the situation...which i admired myself for as well, 'til i realized i've been Broken.
i've been Broken by corporate communications, i am now UTTERLY apathetic to whatever may happen in my world of communication technology.
i'm going to the goodwill to find myself a bullhorn. (but with my lungs, perhaps i don't even need one?)

so finally this bumbling mofo shows up and the internet is working...one would thinnkk....'xcept i can't send out email.
via mail program OR server.
all my responses to eager addicts and work people alike are trapped inside this computer.
i can practically see myself smushed against the screen (from the inside) trying to be heard.
how very very tragic.
who knows if this posting will even work?

if it does, thank you most kindly and gratefully, Miss Rebecca, and how 'bout brunch on the weekend, Barker? you should be able to shoot a paper airplane message through my window...

perhaps one day i will be able to send out personal messages of care and concern to both of you and everyone one day...onnnneee ddayyyy....

1 comment:

Michael Barker said...

Hey Lenk,

Sorry to hear about your ongoing Tron troubles - as for brunch on the weekend - I can't do it, as I'm chock-a-block. Try flying a paper airplane through my window to reschedule.

Ta ta.