17 July 2005


it's funny, as much as i hate potheads, the one thing i have always admired quite infinitely about their personalities is their constant inate ability to share. it's not ever even a question, that's just the deal.
i have found a similiar thing with hitchhikers (or those who pick them up).
And also with Geeks. people who Know about their computers are Immensely compassionate, and I have had no end of invaluable support and help and imparting of wisdom from Geeks in my own era of computerliness, more support and patience than I can even claim to have received from both parents.
This is a Huge thing for me, and probably part of my love of all things computer.
so today I got to give a little back, as my friend Rebecca has now entered the uber-modern age, finally replacing her 7 (?) year old laptop with a new one.
just before I went over to help her partition the drive, i had a moment of self-doubt, and called JP to make sure that his laptop (same as Rebecca's) was functioning fine on partitioning, is there anything i should know about powerbooks, etc.
he reminded me that i was the one who showed him how to partition things.
i said oh that's True, isn't it, and felt Really Very Proud of myself.
and then off i went and partitioned R's laptop and it's just such a useful thing to have done to one's computer (and to those of you who don't know what this means, it's Not hard At All, it's Very Simple) but still it makes me Immensely happy (yes I'm serious, Miz Rebecca, if you are reading this!) to have done so.
i may never pick up hitchhikers (I still don't have my drivers' license) but i can safely help people with Geeky things. It's one thing I am good at in a very quantifiable way. Rational, measureable, and therefore (to me, anyway) comforting.


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Rebecca said...

You are a ruddy genius. And a force of karmic computer good in the world. I can only dream of the day when I'll be able to pass the karma along, but the situation in which that would be possible seems unlikely (say if I were to come across some poor chap who couldn't find the ON switch--with what a grand gesture of magnanamity would I take him under my wing and teach him the wonders of ON, OFF, ON, OFF--playing that one button like it were 88 keys...)You are my hero, and I owe you such thanks. Am sad to say eight minutes passed without me breathing this morning when I discovered that Tomas had somehow knocked the beautiful new machine off my desk and it lay flipped and prone on a box on the floor. (I know you are feeling the pain of this--you know me!) But it seems--gulp, gulp--to be fine. And that horror was held somewhat in check by the fact that I seem to have free internet (yet more karma--thank you, whomever you are for picking up this poor electronic hitchhiker...). Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you, stef, you're the best, the very best! It really is a generous culture, the computer one. Who knew?