30 July 2005

jupiter, deers, bonfires, and my Friend Jody.

you know, i don't see my friend Jody very often. we both veer onwards in our crazy lives, and see each other, i don't know, once every six months or so. but she So Very Frequently seems to appear when i'm on the cusp of power surging insanity, and resets everything with her perspective and just plain excellence of being.
this time, she invited me camping, out of the blue. and off we went, for two days, to Presquile, somewhere east of here and on the lake.
and we got to make bonfires, and breathe real air, and see a Real Deer (!) and she sat on the beach and looked at her astronomy magazine centrefolds (of galaxies, dear reader(s), of galaxies) and i my Colette novel of Parisian and solitary extravagance, and it was TEN THOUSAND SHADES OF BLISS.
AND we got to see Jupiter! with Four of its Moons! you see, Miss Jody has a fondness for astronomy, and has a telescope, and finally we got to see a Real night sky. and, i KID YOU NOT, the planet itself with four of its accompanying moons, and i Watched as it MOVED ACROSS THE VIEWFINDER and OUT OF VIEW 'coz the earth is rotating So fast.
it was Truly astonishing.

Lakes and Oceans. they remind you to be humble.
fire does too.
how can i be unthankful or whingey in the face of these things?
or upset with anything at All, for that matter?
in short, i Can't.
Not At All.

came back tonight and went to the fire parade on the island. more bonfire. the Very Best Best BEST things in the world Ever. and somehow it seems like strange epiphanies of something or another are going on, i ran into a friend from a previous lifetime, and that was rather remarkable...
...and then some strange math student came up to me and this other guy and told us about how he got rid of his apartment so he could buy a boat and now he lives on it, and every two weeks someone comes around and sucks out his holding tank (?!!?) and then he's really happy 'coz he can use his bathroom without worrying any more, and somehow, somehow dear reader(s), it turned from a rather novel account into a Highly Unfortunate incident of Too Much Information.

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