20 July 2005

new home. ( a senseless rant of exhaustion.)

well, it's been something. the 8 hours of phone calls, phone cut-offs, billing misunderstandings, the 40 minutes on hold at a pay phone for technicians who didn't show up, the cancelled phone line 3 times over, followed by a repairman coming to install the Same phone line, the boxes, the stubbed toes, the complete lack of time to accomodate any of this, and then, last night, returning happily from dutch dreams and a Lovely evening of biking and swimming and frivolous relaxation (one of the first nights in Ages), i found a ceiling tile in my bathroom caved in, the floor flooded, and the pipes doing something in between dripping and Spewing water into my cozy abode.
but i got to meet the neighbours above me at least. poor dears. at the ungodly hour of 12.30am.

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