08 February 2005

penny dreadful.

In nineteenth-century England the penny dreadful was a form of popular literature, lavishly illustrated with garish and grotesque pictures depicting lurid crimes and shocking romance, circulating cheaply among the lower classes.

All Hail Penny Dreadful! what a wonderful genre to resurrect! lurid crimes! shocking romance! lower class! (and perhaps, occasionally, no class at all! woohoO!)

this idea coupled with some my recent research forrays into fetus in fetu, promises to be fruitful.

...a belated thank you to shannon gerrard (shannongerard.org-bookmaking Genius) who, instead of finding my interest in questionable anatomy repellant, prompted me forth with this small term in hand, to discover the strange phenomenon wherein full grown adults have been found with traces of human bits within their own physiognomy..."fetus in fetu"...some indication that they may well have been sharing the womb with another.



Anonymous said...

what makes the said individual off-limits?

steflenk said...

a Complete disinterest in acting on nostalgia.