05 February 2005

a (fri)day in the life. (sincere Blogging.)

6.30am. up.
7.45am. at school, my ailing computer in tow. have lost all work so far on illustrious school magazine design grid plan. fellow classmate (BLESS HER) suggests i add suffix to file name, recovering 4 hours or so of ('til now) lost work. Glory Be.
8.45. Sussed. one computer going for school assignment, one computer burning cd's to back up harddrive etc etc., one computer aiding and abetting classmate with quark queries. hypothetical rhythmic tablas in background keeping pace with my multitasking.
12.40 (20 minutes after official class end) first break of the day. lunch and tea.
1.05. back to open workshop. two computers and a fiery printer two rooms over. one box following lesson, one editing fire spinning footage, one sending off all manner of portfolio material for gratuitous printing two rooms over. back and forth back and forth. i think i crashed the printer 3 times with impatient overloads, but can't be sure.
3ish. if i look at a computer for one more minute my brain is going to LEAK OUT OF MY EARS. leave the premises.
3.20ish. danforth and broadview. 'bout 15 feet westbound.
Flat Tire. Rats.
4. arrive home. new inner tube purchased, bike at the ready.
4.15 distracted by something else.
oh yes.
Chicken. i decided the other day to buy drumsticks, for something new, which i would marinate and cook. the marinating was no problem....
bbrrrrrrrr....bbbbrrrrrrrrr..... hello?
hi mum, i have a question and i'm only asking you 'coz you're my mum and you're not allowed to laugh at me.
i would never laugh at you!
i have this chicken here, and i don't know how to cook it.
(spontaneous chuckle at the other end of the line)
in the oven, 350, 'bout 45 minutes, tastes Glorious. ('xcept meat is Too high maintenance for me to ever purchase in such a grievous fit of gourmet spontaneity) had asparagus too.mmmmmmm
(this is only a Real blog if i say what i had for dinner, right?)
6. to work. opening night...all is adrenaline and glee. stuffed cat appears in one of the flower vases, looking out to all bar patrons from betwixt the dried flowers. last week same stuffed cat was found hanging from red ribbon noose in stockroom doorway.
2am. taxi home. chicken and wrong size inner tube hindered replacement of flat, bike lamentably unavailable for the evening's transport.
3am. to bed at last,"perfume" lingering in my synapses.

saturday morning. 8.44am. up again. step and repeat. :)

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